Miguel is our microgreen expert and founder. His passion for produce has gotten him to work in several fields of the industry. He was raised in a family of farmers in Sinaloa -one of the most productive states in Mexico-, where he learned how to grow and commercialize produce. His values and love of nature has taken him to grow microgreens in an urban farm where he is always looking for more sustainable ways to grow our veggies.


“My favorite microgreen is sunflower because of its crunchiness and sweetness."



Melissa is our numbers girl, with her degree from NAU, she keeps the business in balance and healthy. 

She also keeps the team that way, specially when her gusto for food and service reflects by feeding everyone around her.

Her office might look like a playground for her little ones but between bottles and legos she gets things done. 

“My favorite microgreen is basil, just because of the super rich flavor and smell, I am a pasta lover so, putting basil in a fettuccine Alfredo, for example, just takes it to the next level. "



An agricultural entrepreneur with more than 40 years experience in industrial and vegetable production. Jose Oscar is not only our expert, but his generosity and love for the community have pushed us to achieve the quality customer service that can make any grandma proud and makes us stand out from other local companies. He is committed to family values and human relationships, you can always contact him to ask for life advice or even to drink a cup of tea to talk about microgreens!

"I love chives, food without this allium microgreens is like Seattle without the coffee"